:: An infinite gradation of green and blue.


Here's :: Tigullio. And 'This is the land (and sea) who won the Hollywood stars, the stars of the international jet set, the legendary playboy of the fabulous, happy years of refined pleasures, eternal holiday.


:: Great stories, great characters, great emotions in a small, refined and exclusive paradise.


:: In a short stretch of Liguria favored by nature beautiful locations are proposed in the eyes of the tourist: from Portofino to Santa Margherita, Rapallo.


:: They all share something special and yet intangible: they belong to the world, the culture and environment of Liguria.


:: Each, however, has a "personal" character, which makes, in its own way unique.
:: Just turn a corner to get away from animation and enter into a peace archaic.


:: The shapes, the colors, the location of the houses of the rich villas, all around the gulf draw something like a magic reflection.