Smells and tastes

Herbs, the vegetables, the scent of woods and olive groves, the sea and its fruits ...

The Cinque Terre, in addition to the characteristic landscape, is famous for the DOC wines are produced here. The terraced vineyards, in the month of September are full of men and women carrying baskets overflowing with bands of golden grapes, offer a dry white and sweet, the Sciachetrà, rare and valuable.

:: Only selected grapes, after drying in ventilated attics away from moisture and sunlight, will be ready for the production of this famous sweet wine.

The cuisine of this area hands down old recipes and herbs, which grow apontanee, enhance the basic flavors, you can enjoy rice cakes and vegetables with zucchini, beets, borage and "herbs" wild.

But the sea is undoubtedly the biggest player at the table with a wide choice of fresh fish. In summer there is the richness and goodness of Monterosso anchovies fished with lampara.

If the colorful range of agro-food products Ligurian was a play. the leading man would certainly have him basil. Undisputed leader of the philosopher's stone taste weblog Liguria, the precious plan is today, as well as fragrant and tasty as always, the most natural and safe.

Liguria anticipated in fact since 1999 the application of the rules enacted by the European Union to regulate the use of additives in agriculture. A choice that ensures that the highest quality natural basil grown in Liguria. A mark of quality that makes the Ligurian basil (and his eldest son, pesto DOP, a Protected Designation of Origin), a real "green gold".