Trekking, mbk, kayaking, rafting, sailing, golf, cross-country and alpine skiing, horseback riding, scuba diving, paragliding, mountaineering.


The generous nature and history have written for the land of Liguria a singular destiny. The fate of a land where tight as in an indissoluble embrace are next to each other the sea and the mountains, the rocks and trails, streams and forests, hills and sky.


If you try to imagine a meeting between sport and tourism, here Liguria, which is easy to define "an open-air gym."


The beauty of the environment and the choices of men today enable Liguria to act as a destination for those who love hiking, but also for those who prefer riding a horse or riding a mountain bike, for the more adventurous climbing up the rock walls or who want to emulate Icarus hovering in the sky with paragliding, for skiers and winter are snow-covered slopes just a few kilometers from the sea (in Monesi and Santo Stefano d'Aveto, for example).


There is room, however, for a more peaceful sport, tailored for those who enjoy the relaxation of a green golf course or, more simply, for those who can not give up an exciting game of bocce or a bike ride .


Besides water sports: the more traditional ones, from swimming to sailing, diving from immersion in the new ones, which have names popping and tell of overwhelming passions and emotions with the breath in my throat: rafting, kayaking, tubbing, canyoning, and then windsurfing, water-skiing, catamarans and many other things in beautiful scenery where the protagonist becomes a daily adventure.


TREKKING ON THE BALCONY HIGH STREET Four hundred miles in the Ligurian provinces between the pitch of the Two Saints and the top dell'Armetta. And 'This is the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, a trek divided into several stages that can bring fans to discover corners extraordinarily beautiful as a perfect balcony overlooking the sea. The ideal time to go from spring to autumn, although the stages Apennines lend themselves to attending winter.


LIGURIA ON TWO WHEELS Fausto Coppi was to train in Liguria, as evidenced by a historical movie in which he is bent on the pedals between the Aurelia and the sea. Today Paola Pezzo, champion of the Italian mountain bike, choose the valleys that surround the Gulf of Tigullio. Liguria on two wheels is beautiful, both in the plains and in the mountains. Over twenty companies are mountain bikes scattered in the four provinces; endless cycling routes in the plains and urban areas, as evidenced by a program for the implementation of bicycle lanes even on unfamiliar routes, such as old disused railway lines or roads former military